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Introducing Compatible Digital Services


Modern platforms offer more marketing capability than ever before. Keep your business current, relevant & innovative with a range of digital marketing solutions.
Powered by Gforces, Compatible Digital helps automotive retailers & manufacturers meet the challenge of delivering to today’s connected consumer.

Our Range of Digital Marketing Services is Comprehensive

Our solutions make your digital dealership more exciting & accessible than ever before.

Automotive Website Design & Managed Services

We build beautiful, SEO-friendly, mobile-responsive websites that drive profits in your dealership.

Our high-performance websites are built on the NetDirector Auto-E platform, which provides advanced stock management & integration functionality.

Social Media Marketing & Managed Paid Services

From managed paid campaigns on Facebook & Google Adwords to social content marketing on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram to our social software offering MiAppi, Compatible Automotive have got you covered in the social media sphere.


Our experienced team is committed to great customer service & available to handle your queries & troubleshooting needs in record time.

With decades of experience in the automotive industry & a core understanding of dealership operations, we are equipped to assist you with the support you require.

Digital Marketing Consulting & Strategising

We take the time to get to know each retailer we work with, matching their unique aspects with the right dedicated Key Account Manager.

That way, we ensure every channel incorporated into the strategies we recommend is focused on meeting the needs of our clients’ business.


Our powerful seamlessly-integrated systems are able to monitor, collect & analyse data to provide comprehensive reporting functionality.

This allows you to review your results & measure your ROI more accurately than ever before.

Graphic & Web Design

We create high-quality visuals & design beautiful websites that drive traffic & ultimately sales in your dealership.

From website banners to email campaigns to social media content, our striking graphics leave a lasting impression.


This world-first mobile application combines custom-branded video creation, interactive 360-degree interior & exterior images with seamless vehicle stock integration.

Easily create, link & share professional 360˚ images to a multitude of platforms.

Image QA

NetDirector® Image QA has two primary functions. Firstly, to accept or reject dealer vehicle images based on a consistent set of standards.

Secondly, enhance or replace the current background of vehicle images with a professional stock image or dealer location image.

Search Engine Optimisation

Discover the potential of organic search through SEO, content marketing strategies & Google My Business optimisation.

With 34% of car buyers starting their user journey with a Google search & a 200% growth in local retailer searches, our Managed Service help dealers interact with targeted audiences in real-time, anywhere in the world, 24/7.


No matter what your platform of communication may be, professional, compelling copy is a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy.

Let industry experts craft masterful copy that is designed to drive engagement & sales in your dealership.


Monitor & respond to online reviews from across the web.

Access everything in one place and respond to them & measure the performance of your reputation with the powerful Reputology platform.

Live Chat

Gubagoo is a Live Chat platform that offers a complete car buying experience from your website & Facebook.

It allows your customers to browse your inventory & ask questions through live chat, texts & messenger – 24/7.

Why choose Compatible Automotive to manage your digital marketing?

Compatible Automotive offers perfect platforms to showcase your business, adding personality to technology to keep your business at the forefront of the market.

Maintain Quality Standards

Set yourself apart by achieving world-class quality standards & complying with CI guidelines.

We are Industry Specialists

Let our experts analyse your business & tailor-make a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Our Track Record of Success

Our clients report higher engagement & ROI from our digital marketing efforts across the board.

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