Workshop Chat

Workshop Chat is a new and innovative way to communicate with customers during their service day through WhatsApp.

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  • It offers effective ​customer communication​​
  • Fast and effective platform to engage ​with customers
  • Full chat history ​
  • Preset predefined messages ​
  • Reduce number of customer phone calls
  • POPIA compliant

Improve customer satisfaction scores through an easy to use and familiar platform for your customers.

  • Quick overview of vehicles booked in, checked in and conversations
  • Split per team and individual
  • Service advisors able to take over conversations from colleagues

Interactive screen for the service team to communicate and update customers during the service experience.

  • Automated feed of service bookings
  • Update status to send pre-populated messages
  • Receive notifications of incoming WhatsApp messages

Send and receive instant* communications from customers

  • Centralised platform for all WhatsApp communications
  • Keep full chat history with customer
  • Send pre-populated messages to inform customer about their vehicle’s status
  • Interact with customers using personalised messages
  • Send and receive documents, quotes and photos
  • Receive authorisation before proceeding with work
  • Integrated with your DMS, so no need to recreate service customer

Some of our customers using Workshop Chat:

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