Dealer Management System

MotaData V10 Titan DMS

Introducing MotaData V10 Titan DMS

The most modern DMS in Africa


Compatible Automotive offers the fully integrated MotaData V10 Titan DMS dealer management system. MotaData V10 Titan DMS is a globally proven DMS that powers your dealership to new horizons. The innovative, cloud-based system puts complete control at your fingertips.
MotaData powered by Titan enables thousands of people every day to realise their potential through increased efficiency & profitability & by improving the visibility of the Dealership and its customers. Features mobile functionality to support customer engagement. Utilising fully integrated sales lead management, integrated PO & one-click quote to invoice, MotaData V10 Titan DMS ensures maximum profit potential.

9 Ways that MotaData V10 Titan DMS delivers


Specific development of Internet-enabled technologies
Patented automated accounting
Simple to use and easy to learn
Developed for international markets


Minimal pop-ups
Multiple screens can be open simultaneously
Desktop icons saved as favourites
Hyperlinks throughout every screen


Single screen for any journal
Dynamic Chart of Accounts
Cross-referencing accounts functionality
Simple bank reconciliation process


Auto-generation of RO’s and PO’s
Pre-delivery controller provides real-time visibility
Easily change a vehicle in stock to a demo vehicle
Internal vehicle transfers between branches are quick


Service scheduler is dynamic
Multi-location views of ‘WIP’
Single RO control screen gives full customer handling
Single Parts purchase control screen maximizes speed


Single customer record
All campaigns attached to customer record
Trustworthy reporting on dealership’s campaigns
Visibility against KPI’s within the sales process


V10 offers a wide variety of reports
Real-time Financial Management Console
Multi-company and cross-departmental interrogation
Auto-generated ‘Daily Summary Reports’

Complaints Management

This feature enables enhanced complaints capturing functionality that makes seamless communication and centralised complaints management a breeze.

Fixed Assets

The comprehensive Fixed Assets Register feature enables record-keeping of all fixed assets with the dealership for accurate reporting, sales and depreciation without the need to use a separate third-party solution.

Optional Add-Ons


As a fully computerised vehicle health check system, AutoVHC integrates smoothly with your dealership management system. The simplified, more effective solution builds trust amongst customers & increases sales, ensuring a streamlined business process.

AutoVHC allows for a clear explanation of a vehicle’s total health state, which makes it easier to promote aftersales as customers can understand the necessity for service on their vehicle.


This brand-compliant solution is an app-based platform that provides a secure customised digital communication, vital for bridging the online to offline customer experience.

Microcat EPC

Microcat EPC is an Electronic Parts Catalogue used by the parts team to generate VIN specific parts searches. This creates drill-down functionality for the parts team to select exactly the correct part to be used for the required repair.

Presently, the process then creates a parts shopping list in Microcat and this needs to be keyed into V10. This solution links V10 and Microcat removing the need to re-load the shopping basket in V10, as this will be automated.

The Benefits of Integration to Microcat EPC include getting a full shopping list from EPC transferred without double-keying into V10, saving you time and avoiding human error as it is quick, easy and accurate.

Financial View

This comprehensive financial reporting and management platform integration was created for highly-developed markets to facilitate granular insights into the financial performance of your business, franchise and networks.

Vehicle Visuals

This solution provides over 450 interactive or narrated animations to demonstrate vehicle parts and systems, simplifying complex specs and breaking down any technical language barrier that could prevent customers from understanding the reason for essential servicing and repairs.

With the Compatible Automotive team guiding installation from inception to execution, making the switch to exceptional has never been so simple.

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