Join the club of the most prepared drivers on the road with Mobility Club

The Mobility Club is the all-in-one emergency services package. Offering medical services, roadside assistance as well as access to ​greater benefits such as take-me-home service, car key recovery and access to Mobility Legal, Mobility Club is the best way to be prepared for any eventuality on the road.

One contact is all your customers need to access the numerous benefits of the Mobility Club, building safety, convenience and lasting trust.


Up-to-date Customer Information

Customers are regularly prompted to update their details through white-labelled communication, ensuring a current database at all times. A service level agreement protects this database as well as information protection through state of the art IT protection systems.

Brand Development

Mobility Club provides dealer branded, laser engraved key tags, welcome letters and constant communication with the customer on behalf of the dealer in the form of updates, reminders and birthday wishes. Mobility Club is a white-labelled product ensuring maximum brand development and customer trust at no cost to the dealer.

Annuity Income

After five months customers are contacted to upsell a further monthly membership at R99.00 per month, of which the dealer earns R15.00 monthly including VAT for as long as the client remains a member. Use the existing client database to kick-start your earnings. This can deliver an ROI of 5% per customer per month and a full return after 25 months of Mobility Club membership.