CitNOW uses innovative video-based applications to connect customers and dealers

CitNOW uses video integration to elevate your dealership to new heights. Simple-to-use apps allow an easy transition to an instant, efficient, more personal experience.

The CitNOW video applications can impact on every facet of operation from the sales floor to the workshop. Sales executives are able to market products with personalized video presentations. Technicians can use video evidence to suggest replacements when cars are serviced. The efficiency of online video communication will dramatically improve the presence and operation of your business.


Fast Results

CitNOW works instantaneously. Dealer to customer communication can be achieved in the time it takes for a video to upload. In addition, customers will appreciate the convenience of the online service.

Profit Maximisation

With improved accessibility, The CitNOW suite can result in sales executives converting 50% or better in new car sales and a 20% increase in aftersales in just eight weeks.


The immediacy and honesty of video allows customers to experience a new level of dealership transparency. This innovation ensures customer satisfaction.