Revolutionise your dealership with AutoVHC, the world’s first fully computerised vehicle health check system

AutoVHC allows your mechanics to conduct a fast, standardised visual health check. In addition to ensuring comprehensive, quality service to your customers, AutoVHC increases the opportunity for aftersales by organising vehicle health information in an easy-to-understand, colour-coded system.

As a fully computerised vehicle health check system, AutoVHC integrates smoothly with your dealership management system. The simplified, more effective solution builds trust amongst customers and increases sales, ensuring a streamlined business process.


Customer Satisfaction

AutoVHC allows the customer to see the complete health of their vehicle in a simply understood format. Customers will appreciate the clear transparency and feel that they are able to make informed decisions on the wellbeing of their vehicle.

Increased Sales

AutoVHC allows for a clear explanation of a vehicle’s total health state. This makes it easier to promote aftersales as customers can understand the necessity for service on their vehicle.

Streamlined Process

AutoVHC makes gathering and delivering detailed information on vehicle wellbeing simple, fast and efficient. The electronic pad is an elegant solution, eliminating jargon and costly paperwork.