General V10

With its cloud-based server, software as a service structure and multi-company single database, MotaDataV10 turns DMS into CMS.

MotaDataV10 is an internationally-proven DMS that can revolutionise your dealership by maximising profit and efficiency.

Why switch to exceptional?

MotaDataV10 is a single system that connects all areas of your dealership including the workshop, bodyshop and sales floor. The system is fully integrated allowing for seamless communication and effortless control.

The MotaDataV10 system is simple to use. After a short learning curve for your staff the DMS streamlines the working process for the entire dealership. Compatible Automotive guides the transition to MotaDataV10 from installation to launch.

MotaDataV10 is a modern system, putting you at the forefront of dealership technology incorporating cutting edge finance management, CRM, dealer analytics and single-screen management.

MotaDataV10 keeps your information safe. The cloud-based system ensures that no bulky, expensive servers are required to manage your database.